Monday, May 18, 2009

Vacation Clarification

Don't be too impressed with me for taking Little Red to Puerto Rico. All my babysitters are going with us! This trip is my youngest sister's graduation trip. You know, while all the other graduates are partying hard in Panama City or Cancun, our fam will be chillin in San Juan. We went on a cruise for my graduation a few (cough) years ago. Unfortunately, Mr. Sass won't be making the trip. He has to work. Bummer, I know. We will miss him (maybe), but we won't let his absence get us down.

After all....

This will be the view from my oh so comfy bed.

This is the swim up bar I will visit while I'm catching rays.

And this is the beach I'll be chillaxin to the max on while cabana boys serve me drinks with umbrellas and rub sunscreen on my back.

Rough life, I know. Coming back to reality will be a real buzz kill.


starnes family said...

I think we stayed at this exact resort.....with the private island for the beach? LOVE Puerto Rico!!!!!

Coco said...

Ok, this is making more sense now. Not that LR isn't a cutie but I don't get parentals that take their kiddos on fab vacations with them with no babysitter involved.

I'm just sayin'....

Can I come too? LR and Bram together will totally make the sitter work for her money!

msprimadonna67 said...

I am beyond jealous of that view!

April said...

I am jealous. Have an awesome time though ... drink something fruity with vodka for me! :o)