Monday, June 1, 2009

Things That Make Ya Go Awwwwwww!

So, we had a perfectly sassy yard sale this weekend. Not something I can usually convince the mister to go for, but his truck is in the shop and some extra funds will really help with the service bill that increases daily. Ick! We made about $200 in less than 2 hours. SCORE! Little Red and Miss Sassypants even enjoyed themselves. However, I did have to distract LR each time someone purchased one of his toys. He was just slightly possessive.

My favorite moment was when a lil ole white haired lady pulled up. LR saw her, then immediately handed me his juice cup and ran over to hug her right around her knees. He almost knocked the poor woman down! She was slightly surprised, but a smile quickly spread across her lips. The entire time she shopped, he followed her around looking at me and Mr. Sass proclaiming, "Dat's mine!" and "My Grand Pete!" Grand Pete was my mom's mom that passed away about a year ago. Sweetest. lady. ever. I am so glad I was wearing sunglasses because there I was boo-hooing in the midst of my yard sale and I'm not really much of a crier. Sweetest. moment. ever. I am so thankful that we have done such a great job of keeping both of my grandmothers' memories alive. I really didn't think LR would remember them since he was so young when they passed, but he often asks for his Grand Pete and his Memi. Kids are just so stinkin amazing.


starnes family said...

They are amazing! What a sweet moment. Those things make you think you're doing it right, don't they? This whole parenting thing? It's confusing, but every now and then, a little confirmation helps. Kudos to you.

Just a note....whenever we have a garage sale, we allow the kids to have a lemonade stand. Keeps them busy, allows them to earn a little money like we are.....and it's fun!

Coco said...

that is such a sweet story. Kids memories are amazing.

and score on the garage sale!

April said...

Nice job earning some extra cash ... that's my plan for Friday! Your vacay pics are so great - looks like you had so much fun!!

msprimadonna67 said...

That is such a sweet story!