Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For Pee's Sake

I'm going crazy here. Little Red is as wishy washy about potty training as I am about shoes. Let's get one thing straight, he does his poopin in the potty. Thank the lord! It's the tinkling he can't seem to fully commit to. Seriously, he knows he is supposed to go in the potty and for days in a row he will fully oblige to my potty demands. As soon as I think we have it aced, he reverts back to pure laziness. He'd rather sit in his soggy wet underwear and continue playing or watching a movie. Grossness! Doesn't phase him one bit.

In every other aspect he aspires to be a big boy, yet he couldn't care less about wearing big boy underwear. Heaven help me if I try to help him wash his hair, get in the tub or fix his juice. He'll not have it cuz he is a bog boy, but call him a baby for pottying in a pull up and he just laughs. I've tried candy, reward charts, new undies that he picked out, games and everything else I can think of. He's just not giving in. Everyone says boys take longer than girls and that he won't go to kindergarten in pull ups. He knows better and just doesn't seem to care. Kill me now.


starnes family said...

Sounds like he won't totally commit until it's important to him. May be a big sign of his future personality! Each kiddo is different.....I have a 3 year old that we haven't trained due to a recent relocation and now summer vacation (cross country drive - no thanks to stopping every 20 minutes). And, my 21 month old daughter is DYING to potty train. Go figure.

I just keep going back to what my sweet aunt says, "I don't know any adults who are not potty trained." Puts things in perspective for me. It will happen.

Something In The Glass said...

Mini has NO interest in potty training whatsoever. I've even tried bribing with Diego pull-ups, Lightning McQueen stickers, AND dum-dums. It's a no go. If you figure it out, let me know.

He also has made no attemps to escape his crib yet, but for that, I'm grateful.

Coco said...

Bram pee peed early but would not poop. The kid would go put a pull up on, poop and then asked to be changed and then back in undies. Weirdo. So I just didn't push it, no big deal. Day after his third bday he said, "I am three now so I have to poop in the potty." And that was it. He has NEVER had an accident. Just decided on his own. Red just might not be ready.

And he pee peed outside a lot. That helped get that ball rolling.

Poor you, Tess isn't acting interested at all. So I will be in your shoes in no time.