Monday, April 6, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover: Sassy Cass Edition

Here are my not so beautiful kitchen cabinets. They are pickled something or other and I don't like 'em a'tall. We replaced the hardware and molding around the top and they look better, but they still need a makeover...What would you do?
And the floors will be hardwood. Some day.

I want to replace this flimsy baker's rack with a nice sturdy piece of furniture with lots of storage and cabinets so that all my breakables will be protected. I also NEED a window treatment in the bay...
This is my cozy little corner in the kitchen. Keke painted the flowers and the desk is a really old sewing machine table. I am ready to part with the elephant lamp, but I have to find a replacement for it. Any suggestions? I also changed out some of the stuff on the shelf after I took this picture and am much happier with a much less cluttered look.
Look what Allison made me! They are so cute and perfect for my kitchen. I'm not sure they will stay in the window sill, but they seem to look perfect everywhere I put them, so no worries. Check out her etsy store if you haven't already!
And just for fun here is my pantry door plastered with all my lovely birthday cards...

On to the living room...

I NEED curtains for these windows, but have no clue what to do here. I have a severe emotional attachment to the old sewing table. It was my grandmothers and I and have to use it.

This arrangement is over the couch (that I cut out of every single shot unknowingly) . It appears, some of the pictures could also use a little straightening or that could just be my mad photography skills...
This is the only picture I am prepared to show of my bedroom. It is still major chaos in there, but I love these two little diddies and am pleased as punch to have them on the wall!

And here is Little Red, who was madder than snot at me for not letting him take the pictures. After seeing my mad skillz I'm wondering if the pics might have turned out better if I had let him. Mama is no photographer. I won't quit my day job.

Decorating suggestions are welcome and constructive criticism is appreciated.
Don't forget that my giveaway ends at midnight. The winner will be announced Wednesday as long no natural disasters, sick children or other major crises occur, of course!


The Soladay Family said...

Here's what I'm thinking...I'm really into the black cabinets right now, and with your light counters and floor, I bet they'd look great! Go check out Lettered Cottage's redo of her kitchen. Then you could hang some that word...plates/platters on the backsplash to add even more color. Get a large rug for the floor, and a colorful window treatment over the sink area. Something like a black toile with red trim? What do you think?

April said...

I def agree with Soladay Fam - paint the cabinets. I love black woods, so that may look great - if not, go with a finish you prefer.
I have always found great lamps that don't break the bank at Walmart - along with great picture frames, too!
Window treatments? Try eBay! They usually have Pottery Barn and other such brands for cheaper than retail.
Also, add color to the walls - choose warm, rich shades for accent walls, or light cheery colors for all over. Painting is always fun, right? (I honestly think so, and if I lived closer. I would so come help!)
I am glad you are getting all settled ... I got the book you sent today! It looks so funny!! Thanks! I'll let you know when I finish reading it ... in case you have anyone else who you want me to pass it along to. :o)

Chris said...

what great accessories, they look fab!

Sassy Cass said...

Thanks y'all! I am totally down with the black cabinets. Mr. Sass is on board and I printed Layla's instructions! I will be on the lookout for rugs, lamps & curtains.

Coco said...

I am on board with what Allison said. Try to find a black and turqoise toile to put in your kitchen window. Then use red and orange accents with those colors. Sounds weird but looks cute. Promise.
I am a flea market girl. You can find good sturdy furniture for nothing that just needs a little paint!

Looks darling. You have great stuff!

Sassy Cass said...

I'm with yall on the curtain over the window. We are talking valance style here right? I am so out of the loop on curtains... What do I need to do in the bay window in the eating area?