Friday, April 24, 2009

Workin On My Bizzness

I've been informed that I am slacking (Thanks, Molly). I sincerely apologize for my lack of blogging (Molly). I have been crazy busy this week. The boss man is at the beach livin it up and I am left here to handle the craziness. Can you believe the nerve? Longest. week. of. my. life. It's been madness, I tell ya. 5 o'clock can't get her soon enough. Happy hour on my deck is gonna be hardcore. As captain of this ship I authorized a lunchtime cookout. Yummers! I did not, however, authorize the the wearing of tube tops at work. Not a pretty sight on a lady that could be my grandmother. Put some clothes on, woman! I'm just saying.

Little Red and I are going fishing tomorrow. He is PUMPED to say the least. Ever since he caught his first little fishy from the dock on Easter, he has been chomping at the bits to go again. I'm having a hard time believing his patience will be as good this time but we'll see. We pass 2 lakes going to and fro daycare and EVERY time he tells me he wants to "go fwishin in dat lake!" We are headed out on the boat, so I'm sure I'll be his "best fwiend." If you need me tomorrow, I'll be soaking up the rays at the lake with my little man and some great friends.

I'll be traveling for work at the beginning of next week, but I promise (Molly) that I'll be back Tuesday with some seriously blog worthy material.


starnes family said...

Enjoy your weekend. Fishing sounds fun!

Impulsive Addict said...

You tell her Molly!!

Oh and Miss Sassy Pants...I'm not very happy about you soakin' up rays this early in the season. I still have some bindging to do.