Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Throwdown

Today is Little Red's Easter Party at school. Please note that I did NOT mix up the days like the Valentine's Day Party debacle in which I was dubbed the worst mother ever. Nope, I bought the cookies, candy and eggs yesterday and put everything into his choo choo basket last night. I even took pictures of him before school! He was so very proud of his basket. When he saw the basket filled with eggs, he excitedly proclaimed, "Dat Easter Bunny bring me all dose eggs!" I went along with it and I can't imagine the smile that will be plastered across his cute little face when he sees the basket the Easter Bunny will be bringing on Easter day. I tried everything to get him to smile for the pictures, but he was way to into the contents of the basket and everything else going on...

Don't be judging the inside of my messy Yukon. Why oh why didn't I shut the door?

He was checking out a cutie patootie little girl with pig tails & a princess basket...

This cuteness was the result of me telling him to stop flirting with said little girlie. And just so you know I will be cleaning the Yukon out today.

I FINALLY got his attention, but what is up with that goofy look on his face? Is that supposed to be a smile?

We were playing Wii at my parents house this weekend. LR is a Dance Dance Revolution fool. He breaks it down like nobodies bizzness.

And here is my little lover boy just a swangin at the park. GiGi HATES this shirt, but it totally cracks me up.


Anniebanannie said...

LR and I would get jiggy wit it fo sho on DDR! LOVE mine (notice I said MINE-yes that's right!)

He's such a little QT! Did the Easter Bunny find any good movie deals??!!!

Coco said...

LR and Bram would be a hoot together. We have Dance Party USA every day before nap. Bram can do moves like you have never seen!

LR is a sweet face for sure. Love that red hair. And yes, that is a smile. It starts about LR's age, the fake smile.
And I am still waiting for Bram to outgrow it.

The Patterson Family said...

So fun! I just love Easter w/ the kiddos!

Anonymous said...

He is SO SO CUTE!!!!