Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He's A Character!

Little Red has decided that it is ok to do whatever he wants as long as he throws his hands in the air and announces Ta-Da when he is done. Like just saying Ta-Da makes it ok to finger paint with toothpaste, continually open & close the fridge & dishwasher, play with my jewelry and all sorts of other naughty things. KeKe and I are hoping that Ta-Da will work for us, too. I'm thinking the cute factor is in play here because I just can't see my boss appreciating a Ta-Da at the end of my next presentation. We shall see.

Little Red has started a serious growling habit. He likes to pretend he is a "tee wex," which makes a growling sound. Duh. My favorite time for him to do it is when we are in Target. It is awesome when a sweet old lady looks at him and smiles and he growls at her. The terror in her eyes is priceless. I promise he really is harmless and sweet. Most of the time. I tell him to be sweet and stop growling. His response- "But mommy, I'm a tee wex, I have to." How do you compete with that? His bark is bigger than his bite, which hasn't always been the case. On second thought, I am thinking the growling isn't so bad compared to the biting habit of the past.

I am missing the little stinker so much. He has been with GG and B-Bop for 2 days and is headed to Mr. Sass's parents house today. I know Nanu & Pop will be glad to have him-hopefully he will keep the growling to a minimum. Happy Birthday, Pop! Mr. Sass and I will head south after work tomorrow to spend Turkey Day with his family. I am getting hungry just thinking about it. Nanu's cooking rocks. Yummo! I can't wait to spend the holidays with my boys, but I will miss everyone in Tennessee.

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