Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Recap

Operation Relaxication was a total success! GG and I had a blast. We shopped til we dropped then ordered room service and watched movies. It truly was fabulous! Mr. Sass and Little Red survived without me somehow, though Little Red decided it was time to get up and play at 3am. I am so glad Mr. Sass got to experience Little Red in the wee hours.

Little Red is staying at GG and B-Bop's for a few days. He is having a blast and I am going to accomplish several things on my to-do list. I miss him like crazy and I no longer have an excuse for not getting things done.

Last night was the Community Thanksgiving Service at church. Little Red and I were running early (can you believe it?) and decided to run in TJ Max to kill time. As I was getting him out and closing the door, I saw my keys on the seat beside his car seat. It happened in slow motion. I cried inside. Thank goodness for B-Bop and AAA. B-Bop saved the day by picking up Little Red, who was totally done with being patient. As they were driving to church, Little Red said "B-Bop, take me to Starbucks (one of their favorite places)?" B-Bop had to break the news that they were going to church! Little Red had a blast playing with his friends at church and was a little angel. He didn't even growl at anyone.

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