Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something Smells Fishy

Little Red LOVES to take baths. He would stay in the tub for hours if we let him. Last night Mr. Sass told him he was going to turn into a fish if he didn't get out. Little Red immediately said, "No daddy, I am a shark!"

Did I mention his new favorite movie is Nemo (he calls it E-mo)? We watched it for the 365 billionth time last night. It was a cute movie the first 10 times I watched it. If I have to watch it again I may puke. Any suggestions on cute family friendly movies that will hold a 2 1/2 year olds attention without making me lose my mind ? Nemo is going to be swimming away tonight. Far far away.

I got my hair cut yesterday afternoon. My new girl is da bomb! When I picked Ramsey up from the sitter he looked at me and said, "Tute hair, mommy!" What can I say, the kid is a charmer!
I'm thinking he was trying to butter me up to watch E-mo AGAIN.

I. will. resist. the. cuteness.

1 comment:

manda said...

tute hair I love it :) Better then Trevor telling me my butt looked big in Target :(