Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boys And Their Silly Toys

Little Red is totally into playing with his boy toys. From the time we get home until he goes to bed, he is a lean mean playing machine. His current favorite toys are his plastic army men that he lovingly calls I Joes. He absolutely loves those el cheapo toys that make me want to curse every time I step on one, which is way too often. He spends tons of time setting them up for battle. Then he uses his dragon, monster truck or baseball bat to destroy them while roaring with laughter. He does this over and over. He always wants me to play with him. Problem is I have no idea how to play these silly boy games.

Seriously y'all, I'm a Barbie girl in a smell boy world. I have no desire to build army forts or shoot down enemy planes. I just sit there and watch him play in astonishment not knowing what to do. I just don't understand these silly boy games and honestly I don't want to. When he gets ready to play house, dolls or dress up, I'm his girl. I can even handle sports, no problemo. I'm telling ya, I've got a mean fast ball, an impressive jump shot and can take Mr. Sass at soccer any day of the week. I'll even jeep ride in the muddiest and coldest of conditions with a lip glossed smile plastered on my face, but I'm drawing the line at guns, swords and I Joes. A girl has to have limits. I'm just saying.


Mamalicious said...

You need to induldge yourself with some of this girlie action I have going on. However, it is just like I Joes except with My Little Ponies. And I am not good at the little game called "you say." That's where the BLM tells my Pony what to say and how to say it.

I'd rather read books, paint nails, or play outside!

I know you can't paint the nails, but I bet you and the boy could water color or finger paint!


kekebush said...

I think you need a little girl, stat. (You don't like guns so you can't shoot me for saying that either.)

Sassy Cass said...

If there was a money back guarantee that I'd have a girl. I'd do it. My luck I'd end up with another smelly, but cute boy.