Monday, January 12, 2009

Chill Out

What a wonderfully boring weekend. We did nothing, nada, zilch. Seriously this was the first weekend in a very long time that we didn't have plans. We watched movies, actually we watched Bee Movie over and over, which didn't even bother me that much. Shocker- I know. We played with tons of toys, which are now scattered throughout my house in tornado like fashion. We napped, ate and all out relaxed. I did manage to clean the bathrooms- I'm talking tooth brush scrubbing, serious elbow grease action, here people, followed immediatley by a nap. I also tackled the mountain of laundry with a vengeance, followed by another nap.

I caught up on my rest and feel like a million bucks, ok maybe just a half a mil, but who is counting? It is going to be a great week, even though it is cold outside. Who opened the Arctic freezer? We have made it through winter so far with temps barely reaching freezing. It was 70 degrees on Christmas Day. This week they are predicting the coldest temps here in many years. Wind chills could be below zero on Thursday. That is brutally cold for Alabama, y'all. Wouldn't ya know we have a wedding extravaganza to go to this weekend. I'm thinking my cocktail dress and strappy shoes aren't gonna work in 15 degree weather. The wedding is in town, but we will be hoteling it for the whole weekend. LR will be with GG and BBop as this event is adults only. I am so pumped that I get to hang with all my out of town peeps without having to clean my house. Normally, my crib is the hotel of choice for the outta towners, but not this time. For those of you that don't know, I lurve me some hotels with a serious passion. There is just something so magical about a place that I don't have to clean. Plus, room service is a major perk. I'm just saying.

Hope everyone stays warm this week. Throw another log on the fire!

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