Friday, January 23, 2009

Word Up

I have always been a firm believer in words of affirmation. Maybe because I lurve hearing how great I am- Just ask Mr. Sass. I have constantly used this technique on Little Red and he has now started using it on me. He's a smart one! We have had several convos that have left me thinking where does this kid come up with this stuff.?.?.?

On Tuesday-

SC: Little Red, Today is Daddy's Birthday. We are going to make him a cake. What kind do you think he would like(hoping he would say chocolate)?

LR: Daddy wants a monster truck cake.

SC: (wondering how I am going to pull this one off in less than 2 hours) Sure, buddy. Daddy would love a monster truck cake. We can put green icing on top for grass, then use chocolate for the road. Can we use some of your monster trucks and trees to decorate it?

LR: Mommy, dat is a gwate idea! You're so smart.

On Wednesday-

LR: Mommy, I'm thirsty. I need juice. And candy. Fast.

SC: Just a second and I will get it. Ok, here ya go.

LR: Good job, Mommy! You're da best.

Last Night-

LR: Mommy, help me. I can't get my jammies on.

SC: Sure thing, kiddo. There ya go. Aw, don't you look cute.

LR: Mommy, you're so cute, too and you're funny. Mommy's a funny girl.

I'm pretty sure I know where he came up with all of this. I may have helped put some of those thoughts in his cute little head. It is just so funny to hear him say such nice things to me all on his own. He sure knows the way to this mama's heart. Guess I better enjoy it now. I am sure all of this will come to an end in a few years and he won't want anything to do with me. Sigh.

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