Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bedtime Story

It's a vicious cycle...

Lately, Little Red REFUSES to go to bed before 10 pm, therefore he is a cranky crab come morning time. I have tried everything from sweetness & bribes to my serious face, complete with time outs, CIO and, yes a few leg swats-don't you judge me. This kid is way too stubborn for his own good. Nothing works. He fights me until Mr. Sass (who has been working very looooooong hours) gets home and we turn every light in the house off and all lay down together. Even the dogs must be in their beds. I have to spend 20 minutes pretending to sleep while fighting with all my might to stay awake so that I can finish dishes, laundry and various other equally exciting tasks.

Then, when it's time to wake up he REFUSES to get up and the entire morning is a nightmare. He fights getting dressed, brushing his teeth and just wants me to hold him. I spend the entire morning rushing him while trying to get myself ready. This is not fun a' tall and I know he needs more sleep, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to get him to bed earlier. Am I so entertaining that he wants to stay up with me and not miss anything? Doubtful. I mean folding towels and unloading the dishwasher are super glam, but seriously he isn't gonna miss anything.

How do all of you 7pm bed timers do it? Even 8pm would be loverly. Do I need Super Nanny or an intervention or what?


The Patterson Family said...

I feel for you! I think it is something about being a toddler. They are SO strong willed! I lose many battles with Henry. The only thing I can think of is would it be possible for him to skip his nap so he would be completely exhausted & then let him continue to skip it for a few days until he gets in the habit of an earlier bed time? Or even move the nap up in the day??

The Patterson Family said...

You can see on our blog what happens when Henry does not get a nap! That definitely moves bed time up around here! haha! :)

Coco said...

Get rid of the nap, if he still naps. Life saver at our house and totally worth it.
Bram was always 7:30 and then one day it was a battle at 10. Oh no. Not happening. We phased out his nap and now it's beddy bye at 6:30 to 7.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. LOVE yours and think I will start using the term "preppyneck" HA!

The Soladay Family said...

I am in agreement about that a real word...naptime. You need your sanity time at the end of the day, and he needs a good night sleep.

Thanks for coming over to my blog! I will absolutely be following yours now!! Love it!

Misadventured Domestic Diva said...

I feel your pain! With our 1st born, we didn't have a set schedule. But when our 2nd born had to spend a couple of weeks in the NICU, we learned how important it was to have one. We started as soon as she was home! Dinner, play, bath, story and to bed, awake. It has been wonderful. It wasn't easy...especially when we had to wake them up in the morning to keep their schedule, but well worth the work when both are in bed, asleep by 7:30p!
Oh, and YES! Snacks were bought later that night, by my husband...not too much later, though. We can't always have it both ways, huh?! :D

ReRe said...

thank you for stopping by!!!