Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wish Upon A Full Night's Sleep

So, Mr. Sass and Little Red were both in bed at 8:00 last night. Yes, you are reading correctly- eight oh-clock! I can only assume this was due to total exhaustion from lack of sleep for both of 'em. There I am being all happy and productive- folding laundry, packing boxes, watching a little tv- multitasking to the max, when I hear LR's cries around 10:00. I go in, rub his back, give him water and lay down with him and he's back asleep in no time. Ahhhhh- back to what I was doing. What was it I was doing again? Anywho, this happened 5 stinkin' times over the course of the night. Once more while I was still up and three more after I went to sleep. Agggghhhhhh- if there is anything I hate more than a 10 pm bed time, it's not getting my beauty rest. I'll take a 10 pm bed time any day over a sleepless night of ups and downs.

Thanks for the advice, girlies! Unfortunately, I can't take his nap away since he is at daycare, plus I really don't think that is the issue. He is very obviously tired in the evenings, he just fights like the dickens to stay awake. He sings, tickles, talks and cries all the while fighting to keep his little baby blues open...

Guess we shall see what tonight brings. And be careful what you wish for!

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