Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Party Cuz It's My Birthday

Can someone send a memo to my boss about this being my Birthday WEEK and all? He actually wants me to do work. Lots of it. Whatever. I guess I'll humor him today, but I will NOT be productive tomorrow. I'm thinking about coming in late, taking a 3 hour lunch & leaving early. Good, plan huh?

While procrastinating, I've been thinking about all the awesome birthday parties I've had over years. Some of my most memorable were-
50's sock hop- 10th birthday
New Kids On The Block Party- 8th birthday
Strawberry Shortcake Party- 1st Birthday
Thanks, Mom. You rock (for having me and for throwing killer parties)!

I had a Bachelorette/Birthday Party in New Orleans for my 23rd thanks to Keke and several of my other friends. It was almost more fun than I could handle. Almost.

So far, Little Red has had:
Cowboy Party- 1st Birthday
Elmo Party- 2nd Birthday
This year will most likely be a "Wocket" Party- (that would be rocket, of course) LR is more than obsessed with outer space.

I love planning parties and all things Birthday (obviously)! I'm always looking for good ideas. What are your most memorable Birthday celebrations?

I am super excited about sharing all of my favorite things with y'all tomorrow. I promise, you won't want to miss it!



The Soladay Family said...

I am so excited...(Spoken in the voice of the sorority girls on Saturday Night Live....)

April said...

I am a big birthday party planner, too - I plan months in advance! My birthday last year was awesome - went bowling with my closest friends! This year ... VEGAS!!! My kiddos have had great parties, too. This year, Maddox had an ice cream parlour party at a 50's style parlour, and Sean will be having a Batman party. So exciting! :o)

Something In The Glass said...

It's your bosses responsibility to know it's your birthday tomorrow. I mean, isn't that why they request your birthdate when you get hired?!?! Anyhoo, if bossman doesn't realize the significance of the day and expects you to work, well, then that's just his problem. :o)

Coco said...

Love birthdays! I have decided Tess will always have the theme, "Tea wiht Tess," we did it for her first and it was precious.

We did "Burgers with Bram" for his 3rd and I am having a mock slumber party for his 4th.

My favorite birthdays were my slumber parties. My mom did a great job.