Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bedtime Shenanigans

Bedtime is always interesting (to say the least) at our house. Little Red is afraid he is going to miss something if he sleeps. I mean I can't blame him. My after LRs bedtime routine does consist of cleaning the kitchen, laundry, etc. and of course King of Queens reruns. I've told him that if I had the choice I would happily go to sleep when he does and he could do all of my chores. Main problem there is LR LOVES to clean. The dust buster is his fave toy. Not kidding, but I stand firm that (get in the) bed time is 8:30 pm. He is a less than helpful cleaning assistant once tiredness sets in. Plus, I need a few minutes to accomplish some things and "me time" to veg in front of the tv and wind down. Little Red does not seem to understand this concept. Or the fact that my head is going to explode if he messes up any more of my freshly folded laundry. LR has several tactics he uses to keep himself awake.

Tactic 1- He will not be still. He tosses, turns, kisses, hugs and repeats. Over and Over.

Tactic 2- He will not be quiet. He will sing, bark, talk, cough, hiccup, laugh, etc. to keep from falling asleep.

Tactic 3- He constantly "needs" something. He needs water. He needs new jammies cuz his are choking him. He needs to potty. He needs more kisses.

Tactic 4- Total and complete cuteness. He is so cute that part of me wants him to stay awake. Shhh....Don't tell Mr. Sass.

So, last night was no different. As I laid there with him, praying he would give in and go to sleep and wondering which tactic would be used, he started baaing. I told him to hush and go to sleep. He said,"But I'm being a sheep." Somewhere along the line he has gotten being a sheep and counting sheep confused. I told him to close his eyes and go to sleep. He said,"I tan't cwose my eyes. I sweep wif them open, ok." He immediately turned over and went to sleep. His eyes were closed. Shh, don't tell him! He is just so snuggly and sweet at bedtime. He constantly needs more kisses and wants his belly rubbed. As a working mom I get so little time with him during the week, so I treasure each moment. But come on kid, why does it have to be so difficult? And if you are going to stay up late, at least sleep past 5am. Seriously.

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Mamalicious said...

Oh, Honey! We are having bedtime trauma at my house too. LLM is 2, and just now in her big girl bed. The wild @$$ fits have started and she tries to get in bed with me at 3am.

Makes a Momma tired.