Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do you fondue?

I had this totally brilliant idea to have a NYE Fondue party in cocktail attire, of course. I have the dress and the pots, but now I realize I have no clue how to make fondue. It seems so easy at The Melting Pot. I know for sure that I want to do 2 pots- one cheese and one chocolate. I need help! If you have any pointers let me know. We are super excited about the party. We got Partini for Christmas and are looking forward to playing it, though I know nothing about it. Here's to hoping it is loads of fun. The champagne is chilling and I will be off work tomorrow to whip the casa de Sass into tip top shape with the quickness. There is nothing like bringing in the New Year with good friends, fondue and a clean house!

On New Years day we will get up at the crack of 9 am, put the jeeps on the trailers and hit the trails. Let's hope for minimal breakage and repairs so that Mr. Sass can stay in happy mode. After all, JEEP does stand for Just Empty Every Pocket and some minor repairs are to be expected, but hopefully there will be no major issues.

Well, I am off to look for fondue recipes. Hope everyone has a fab New Year's. See you in 2009.

Cheers Y'all!


Miss JC said...

Hey! I found you on my friend's blog. A fondue party sounds like SOOO much fun. I would totally offer suggestions if I could! I'm not very creative..:( lol I'm Johnna..nice to meet you!

Sassy Cass said...

Hey Johnna! Nice to meet you, I am Cassie. I am planning on chocolate, cheese and caramel fondue. I am also working on some very cool and cheap centerpieces. I will post all about it after the party!

deidre, george robert and mary martin said...

umm...i don't know how to make it, but i sure love to eat it-- we'll be there! of course this time next year that could be true! we are sad we missed y'all at Christmas too. MM and LR would have a blast together I think. happy new year and drink a glass of bubbly (my favorite drink) for me!

Former Fat Chick said...

i do it all the time, so easy and yummy! Somtimes I do shrimp too~ How did it go, I am catching up on all the blogs from the Holidays,BTW love your blog!~