Monday, December 22, 2008

Home for the Holidays

We had a fabulous time in Tennessee. GG came down with a yucky stomach bug, but other than that the trip was great. We had chili at our fam's annual chili supper, went to my childhood church on Sunday morning, had lunch at Memi's and just plain enjoyed ourselves. It was great to see everyone, but the visit was just too short. We have an extra large family, which makes for never a dull moment, but makes it hard to visit with everyone.

Both of my sweet and wonderful grandmothers passed away this past summer and this was my first visit back since. Honestly, I was dreading it, but the trip was just what the doctor ordered and I am certain both of my grandmothers were watching down pleased as pie to see us celebrating this wonderful season together.

Little Red was a total doll (mostly). He danced, sang and just all out entertained. He was totally the life of the party. There was minimal growling and lots of tickling and laughing. At one point I was getting him to tell us which people were girls and which were boys. He got most of them right. When we asked him if he was a girl or a boy, he said, "I'm a cowboy!" Where do they come up with this stuff? Fun times were had by all. I hate that GG was sick and now Aunt B has come down with the yuckiness. Let's just hope that no one else gets it. Thanks to all the family for your wonderful hospitality. I am truly in the holiday spirit now!

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