Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Potty Like A Rock Star

Little Red pooped in the potty this morning. I am oh so proud. Everyone in my office is proud of him, too.

Here is the dialog from our phone call this morning.

Me: Hello (Expecting it to be the sitter)
LR: Hey Mommy!
Me: Hey buddy!
LR: I poopoo in da potty
Me: YOU POOPED IN THE POTTY!?!?!! YEAH!!!! (note- all caps implies that this was said a little too loudly)
LR: Yes mam.
Me: Did you get candy?
LR: Nose way- I gots ice cream with chockit. Lots of chockit.

I have gotten several e-mails and calls from co-workers congratulating us on this accomplishment. The life of a mommy is so very glamorous.


manda said...

YAY!!! Such an accomplishment

Molly said...

you are extremely talented at this blogging thing.
i mean "potty like a rockstar", you definitely got the creative genes in the family...well you and aunt i guess maybe i'm just the only one who didn't get them.
anyways, i can't wait to see the whole sass family next week!
tell little red i said hello.
love yall

Mamalicious said...

OOOOOH, this is the BEST! Potty like a rock star, potty like a rock star!!!!

Whoooooo hooo!


PS- word verification wants me to type in cunacksh. Just thought it was funny.

Saucy said...

I am trying to get my littile red to do the same! He has been agreeing if we give him pickles as a treat!! Who'da thunk?

(And if this isn't appropriate to your post. Word Verfication is asking me to type in bummsjmb!)