Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in the groove

So, Roll Tide! The game rocked. Can't wait to see what happens this weekend. Please note that I only talk big when my confidence level is high. There is a chance. I know we are good enough. Let's wait and see. I'll take 12-0 any day. I'm just saying.

We had a blast at Nanu & Pops. Got to spend great quality time with Marianna or as Little Red says "Myanna" who will be known from here on out as Miss Sassypants, well becuase it just fits. She is growing up so fast. She was 5 when Mr. Sass and I met. Now she is almost a teenager. She is beautiful inside and out. We had fun girl talk. I haven't laughed that hard since Aunt B's bf told a funny story at her bday party. The food was delish the company was loverly, but it was nice to get home.

We spent yesterday decorating. We have 2 trees. Mr. Sass insisted that I have a sassy tree. In hindsight I see that he wanted to be all manly and get a LARGE real tree strapped to the top of the truck and the only way to convince me was to promise me a tree covered in sparkles and girliness. How could I resist that? He even agrees that I should make a sparkly tulle tree skirt. I so love him. I will post pics once I am finished with it.

For now, here is Little Red and his "very own twee." He is oh so proud!

The scratch on his face is the result of a run in with a strand of garland. You should see the garland. Decorating can be dangerous. This is my first year (that I can remember) having a real tree. My dad developed a suspicious tree allergy when I was very young. It smells so good, but the Dust Buster must be used daily. I even have a wreath(also fresh) on my front door. I am totally in the spirit!

Happy Decorating!

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