Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cuttin Up

Everyday is a new adventure in boy land...Last night I took Little Red to get his haircut. We went to Sports Clips because I had a coupon, duh! As soon as we walked in he was in heaven. There was a ginormous TV in the waiting area, team paraphernalia & sports equipment hanging from every available surface and super cute hair stylist chicks at every chair. Sigh. It was every man's dream.

LR did so good. He watched football and pointed out every item that had Bama (Roll Tide!) on it. His stylist, Victoria was a super cute, tee-niny red head with NIKE plastered across her tush. LR lurved her to pieces. He smiled, flirted and played with her. She had no problems keeping him still and she did a rockin job trimming his hair.

While I was at the counter paying, LR was sitting quietly in the bleachers watching Sports Center. I might have taken my eyes off him for 2 seconds, tops. All of a sudden he darts past me and runs all the way back to the "Showers," where hair is washed and steamed towel treatments are administered. Just as I made it to him, he climbed in the hair washing chair and managed to turn on the faucet, which blasted a very powerful water stream right in his cute little face. He gave me a horrified and confused look and his lip began to quiver. Seriously, it was all I could do to not fall out in the floor laughing, which means I didn't get a picture. My little drowned rat looked so pitiful, but he totally deserved it and I doubt he'll do it again. I'm not making any promises, though. I was so glad that I had given Victoria a hefty tip. She not only cut his hair, but she also had to mop up the big ole wet mess he made. We made a fast break outta there. That's how we roll.

LR watching football intently

Pointing out yet another piece of sporting equipment and telling Victoria (with NIKE on her tush) what it's called.

Brushing the hair off his "blanket"

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BabiesandBargains said...

What a little man you have...I cant believe he ran and turned the water off...My kids just much not be that fast yet :P