Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Tough Cookie

Little Red had another fantabulous day at his school, despite the 2 angry looking bite marks on his back. He told me on the way home that "dose kids bited me." Sure 'nuff when I went to put him in the tub I found several red marks. This is really no big deal to me (for now). As the parent of a reformed biter I know that this happens. I just hope that (a.) LR does not pick this habit back up and (b.) that this doesn't continue and make him less excited about going to school.

He was just as excited about school this morning while we were getting ready. He was once again dressed and sitting at the door waiting on me. Upon arrival, I marched my happy little hiney in and showed the teacher and director the marks. Not because I'm mad, but because *if* he starts biting again, I want them to know that he re-learned it there. His teacher said he never cried and she had no idea that it happened. She said he is fitting in perfectly and loving every minute. He is one tough cookie. He rarely cries over his injuries, which is a good thing since he seems to be clumsy like his mama. They promised to watch more closely and put an end to the biting. I have instructed Little Red to say, "Please don't bite me" and go tell the teacher if it happens again. I am praying with all my might that the biting habit doesn't return. My how the tables have turned...I have to admit it is much easier being the parent of the bitten and not the biter.

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Mamalicious said...

Tough DUDE!

I can't believe he didn't cry or complain.

I hope he doesn't go back to being a biter. I've never had a biter, but both girls have been bitten.