Monday, February 23, 2009

Drop Dead Gorgeous Weekend

I felt like death most of the weekend (can't seem to shake this nasty cold), but still managed to make it through with no major catastrophes. Nanu, Pop & Miss Sassypants came to visit. We were expecting Nanu & Pop, but Miss S was a pleasant and totally unexpected surprise.

Saturday, Miss S and I went shopping to spend her Valentine's gift from Mr. Sass (Old Navy gift card) and to get Little Red some jeans that didn't make him look like he was waiting on a flood. He is growing so fast! Saturday night Miss S and I left the rest of the crew at home (with some delicious beef & veggie stew in the crock pot, of course) to go to my youngest sister's Senior Beauty Walk.
B was stunning. She made the Top 10, which is quite an accomplishment considering there were 90ish girls. She drew a really stupid question about morals, but she rocked it anyway. She so should have won. I'm not biased or anything. Let me just say that 10 years ago (same high school, same pageant) girls didn't look like they do now. The hair, dresses and make-up were nothing short of amazing. It was obvious that many of them were seasoned, professionally trained pageant gals. This was the first pageant B had ever been in, but she looked like she had been doing it her whole life. I am so proud of her confidence and beauty- inside and out.

The girl on the right won.

Top 10 with winners

Yesterday after all the company left I attacked my house with reckless abandon. I did a trillion loads of laundry, organized multiple closets, cooked dinner and did my normal weekly preparations-make our breakfast(pb&j or pimento cheese on whole wheat bagels) for the week and sort LRs clothes into the organizer in the hall closet, so I can grab an outfit and go in the mornings. We also gave Ruby a bath and watched Horton Hears a Who. Whew- made me tired just typing it all.
I will leave you with more cuteness than you will be able to stand!

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Anniebanannie said...

OK, first of all, I think we're on the same movie schedule as you guys, Cat in the Hat first, now I kid you not, it's Horton. Funny!

Secondly, your sister is GORGEOUS!!! What a huge accomplishment for her. YAY for your fam!

Thirdly, how good did it feel to organize and clean? I will admit and I may be weird, but having all of that stuff done is one of the best feelings. ever.

Glad you had a nice and productive weekend!