Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You Might Be A Redneck...

if your life revolves around a Jeep with huge tires and great big axles

if your Homeowners Association notifies you that you can't have trailers (or grease spots) in your driveway

if you work for the trailer dealership where said prohibited trailers were purchased

if you are considering moving because the Homeowners Association is making you nuts

if your hubby's "wardrobe" consists only of Carhart clothing & Justin work boots (he does own a suit for special occasions- he may have worn it a total of 3 times in 5 years)

if your little boy only wants to wear Carhart clothing & Justin work boots to be just like his redneck daddy (his work boots are so cute I can't stand it)

if you actually own a few pieces of Carhart clothing yourself (in my defense the girls stuff is kind of cute and holds up really well)

if you spend consecutive New Year's Eves in the mud with the Jeep, great friends and champagne

if your hubby's idea of a romantic Valentine's Day is a picnic on a dirt road while Jeep riding.

if every holiday is just an excuse to go jeep riding.

Honey, we are NOT going Jeep riding for Christmas. I do have my limits.


Anniebanannie said...

Hey, we've all got a little redneck in us. I mean we call our son Rowdy and we once duct taped a crib (temporarily). Should have taken a picture of that one. No worries...we SOON purchased another, but you gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes, right?!!!

I just call you guys adventurous. More than I can say for us.

kekebush said...

You are a cute stylish redneck with lots of sass.

p.s. I wouldn't sweat a home owner's association in Alabama, they are just grouchy because they can't find a way to embrace their inner redneck and enjoy life.

Mamalicious said...

Hey- Our girls love a Jeep Ride! They scream when they see a Jeep. Papa has a red Jeep (just for riding around the lake community where our TRAILER is). We also have a golf cart. We put a trailer full of beverlies and picnic supplies and pull it to the boat dock behind the golf cart.

It is a lifestyle. Embrace.