Monday, February 2, 2009

Shop Til Ya Drop

We had a fantabulous weekend. Little Red spent the nigh with GG and BBop Friday night so I could have some much needed me (cleaning) time. On Saturday, Mr. Sass had to work, so LR and I were on our own. My bff KeKe was in town Saturday on her way to catch a flight to Vegas for work. LR, KeKe and I met our newlywed, fresh from the honeymoon friend, Ry, for lunch. Little Red escaped from the fenced in patio and tried to run away. I'm thinking he was nervous about spending the afternoon with 3 girls trying to stimulate the economy. I wasn't all that worried because I knew whoever found him would return him. Stat. I just had to make sure he didn't get run over. Once I caught him and gave him a very serious lecture, he promptly gave me a hug and a kiss and pinky promised that he would be good.

True to his word, he was amazingly well behaved (for a 2.7 year old little monster). He sang (quite loudly), tried to grab several (very cute) girls' hineys from the stroller and inspected every bra in Victoria's Secret. He even tried on lipstick at the Mac store. Shhhh-- don't tell Mr. Sass. He must have sensed my need for girliness, since he cooperated fabulously. He was rewarded with cookies and comments about his cuteness from various strangers. Others looked horrifyingly as he put bra after bra on his head, but in my defense he was being really quiet and VS was having a killer sale. I'm just saying.

We said goodbye to Ry and headed home. LR took a whole 15 minute nap and woke up his wild, rip roaring little boy self. He taught KeKe how to play blocks the LR way while I cooked dinner. After a delicious meal I made him go to bed. He was plum worn out and had become a hazard to himself...He told me I was mean, but I was looking out for his safety and my sanity and I was certain that KeKe had enough birth control for one day.

Yesterday I turned LR over to Mr. Sass. Y'all, I was worn out from all the momming (Thanks, AB). I am battling a cold or allergies or I don't know what. I rested and made a Target trip. The boys watched the Superbowl and did other boy stuff. I painted my nails and folded laundry. And then the weekend was over.

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