Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Here goes...

Mr. Sass's parents, Nanu & Pop are going to be visiting for the weekend. They should be here about 30 minutes after I get off work. That is not nearly enough time for me to shove things in closets and under beds.

My big littlest sister, B, is in a pageant on Saturday night. I know she is gorgeous. I think she should win. Judges don't always see it my way, though and it will last about 5 hours. I will post pictures of her beautifulness. Pinky promise.

I have a Target list a mile long. It will take many hours and mucho dinero to get it all.

Little Red and I both have the crud. Snotty nose + sore throat + stopped up ears + upset tummy from drainage = No fun! There may be a doctor's visit in our near future. Must add Mucinex to the Target list.

I am cooking vegetable beef stew tonight even though we usually eat out on Friday nights. My throat huts and it sounds yummers. I don't care if that is what everyone else wants, so deal. I might make beer bread, too. On the other hand, I might just drink the beers.

Ruby Soho is the cutest pup ever. She is pretty durn smart, too. She likes to chew on stuff, though. Good thing she is so cute. Must. make. her. stop. stat.

I tried to take pictures last night. My camera batteries went dead and I had to use my phone, which means my subjects needed to stay still for about 10 seconds. That is approximately 9 seconds longer than I could get from Ruby, Greta, Little Red and even Mr. Sass. Remind me to add AA batteries to that Target list.

Mr. Sass and his new baby girl. He is totally in lurve.

Can you see the faux diamond collar? She is divalicious.

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